Attorney Salisbury is not only active within her firm, but also contributes her thought leadership to the Florida dependency law community. From educational presentations to community service and legal publications, Ms. Salisbury strives to continue the conversation of defending families and improving our systems under the unified family court system. Below are some of her presentations and publications that you can view to enhance your knowledge in regards to dependency law topics.


Advocating for Families of Children with Complex Medical Issues When MCA Accusations are Made by Debra M. Salisbury, P.A. & Michael C. Kelly, P.A.

Complex medical issues (CMI) and rare diseases in children significantly impact families and can lead to accusations of Medical Child Abuse (MCA). MCA versus diagnosis of Factitious Disorder, and other related disorders must be differentiated. The “Perfect Storm” when MCA accusations are made against such families of child(ren) with CMI is increasing. The underlying reasons, parental profiles, catalysts, factual distortion, and trauma to the child are addressed. Best practices in defending parents, the role of the GAL in regards to the child, and the role of the Court are presented.